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Forex Trading Robots, Dapomine Squirts, and Family Time

Forex Trading Robots, Dapomine Squirts, and Family Time

First of all, let us reorganize that subject into something that resembles good writing. Naturally, We want to establish a link between all three items in our subject, but it is debatable which one goes first. In deference to the the more sane and organized among us, we will start with Family time, instead of futuristic-sounding forex trading robots.

This morning I delved into my usual morning routine, which happens to include glancing through the front page of the New York Times Digest. Lo and behold! There before my very eyes, was the evidence of something I’ve known for a while but chose to ignore up until now. In short, I was confronted with the evidence in black and white, that our attachment to technology is exacting a big price in our abilities to maintain good quality family time, and to retain focus on important tasks.

Between our pda’s, our iPhones, iPAD’s, our laptops, and their multiple channels for bringing information to us, we are losing a grip on what is right, good, and lasting. Our brains are adapting to technology very quickly, almost without our noticing. Dapomine, which is defined as a catecholamine neurotransmitter occurring in humans, is our link between knowledge, expectations, and our impulse to instinctively react to all of these. Put another way, our brains are becoming Internet wired in a way never seen before and it is causing problems on the home front. Our attention is stretched so thinly, we are finding it hard to get back to normal life.

There is such a thing as taking multi-tasking too far, and our brains are not turning off from multi-tasking mode when they need to. The results manifest themselves in our inability to leave that blackberry alone for 30 minutes unless we are sleeping or incapacitated. Never mind what happens when we add the extra pressure of working online to earn a living. Finding the extra time to do dozens of tasks online and off-line in the same twenty four hours everyone gets each day, is proving to be a robber of good family time, and impedes our ability to focus on a single task long enough to make it worthwhile.

One of the options we have of course, and the final link between our subject and this article, is the total automation of income-generating activities that can be achieved today. This can be done in spite of the pressure to fall under the huge weight of information overload. Forex trading robots may not be in your immediate plans, but if you can automate the generation of 20% – 40% of your monthly income requirements, you could move a long way into getting back your life; a life which may currently be controlled by the wired world you find so fascinating.

Forex trading robots allow you to stay home and earn money from the foreign exchange markets without sitting in front of your computer for hours on end. If you have a job in any office today, you probably do enough computer baby-sitting at work anyway. Who needs more of that stuff? If technology is so great, it should in some way be able to help us make the connection between automation and income, and yet allow us to bridge the gap between modern Internet living and good old-fashioned family time.

Importance of Day Trading System Software

Importance of Day Trading System Software

Day trading is the practice of opening and closing a trade on the same day. Traders doing this often enter and exit several trades in one day. This practice is considered high risk by many traders; however, it also has a high profit potential with the right trading strategies. Using a day trading system or a set of strict rules a trader must adhere to when opening and closing a trade on the same day, a day trader should be able to implement a profitable strategy.

The main component of a day trading system is a computer program, which is specially designed for trading. Also, the trader must have the ability to input his strategy in that program. Of course, the user must test his strategy against historical price data. Once the result of his strategy is positive, then the trader can conclude that his strategy has a high chance of working positively in real life trading.

One of the best trading system software you can use is MarketDelta. The software is easier to use compared against other programs in the market. Using that program will let you create complex sets of algorithms that will help you decide when to buy and sell during your day trade.

Remember, the usefulness of the software fully relies on your ability to set it up to your own specifications. In case you do not have any clue on what to do with the software, it will be best for you to get assistance. Or better yet, hire a programmer who can ‘write’ the instructions you want to happen to the program.

With the program, you can create ‘if and then’ scenarios that can ’emulate’ your thinking process during trading. And when you have created your ‘settings’ properly, it can work as a professional trader simulator. Make sure that you test it on a large database of prices and history before you make use of it during your day trading stints.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure your strategy will work out fine, you can backtest your program using another day trade program. You can use a program called TradeStation to see if the results from MarketDelta will coincide with the results of TradeStation Indokasino. In case both of them are showing different results (one has a negative while the other is a positive), it means that it is possible that your strategy has a possibility to fail in the market.

Remember, the reason people are using programs like these is to ensure that their success rates will be higher than normal. Day trading, by default, is very risky, as mentioned a while ago. One wrong move during a day trade may cause you to have large losses in your trading account – it could even wipe out your entire account.

Again, make sure that you meticulously test your strategies in the day trading system programs. And make sure that it will work on any day trade software. Also, when you are already confident with the formula you have created, start with small amounts first. In case it works fine, then you can start trading your heart out but always wisely.

How to Use Index Option Trading to Make Risk Free Profits

How to Use Index Option Trading to Make Risk Free Profits

Index option trading is a subject that even those familiar with stock market jargon often know little about. But it is a way of trading options that is virtually risk free, where all you are risking is the premium you pay for the option, which is normally a small fraction of the potential profit you stand to make.

If this sounds a little technical, let me explain it in plain English.

The original method of making money on the stock market was to buy a company’s shares in order to sell them later at a profit.

Then options came along. Instead of actually purchasing stock, or shares, you could simply purchase the option to purchase. You didn’t become a shareholder so you couldn’t attend and vote at company meetings, and weren’t entitled to dividends, but as your main concern was to simply profit from an increase in the company’s value, and as you were probably doing the same thing with many companies, you probably weren’t concerned about this.

For example, if you consider the stock of XYZ Inc, current price $10.00, is going to increase in the near future, then you could buy an option to purchase, say, 1,000 shares at $10.00 each in, say, 3 months’ time. The premium, or cost, of the option might be 10 cents a share, total $100 (1,000 x $0.10).

Cheaper than buying 1,000 shares at $10 (total cost $10,000), eh?

In addition, your risk is less, because your maximum loss, if the price does not rise, is your premium of $100. If you bought the shares your theoretical risk would be $10,000, though admittedly only if the company was to go bankrupt and the shares become worthless. In spite of this, options are an excellent alternative to shares, and you can have an interest in many more shares for your money, which brings us to the next point.

If, as you anticipated, the share price does indeed rise, then you can make a massive profit. In our example, if the share price rose just modestly to $12 from $10 within the three months, by no means an unlikely event in the life of a company, then you would be able to sell your option for $2,000, i.e. you’d in effect buy the shares for $10 each, total $10,000, and sell them for $12 each, total $12,000. The profit is therefore $2,000, less the original $100 premium, giving a net profit of $1,900.

If it’s as easy as that, then why would anyone sell an option to you? For the same reason that people sell shares – because they might be of the view that the shares will probably go down in value.

So far, so good. But where does index option trading come into it? The trouble with the example I’ve just given is that individual stocks can be volatile and it can be very difficult to predict future price movements unless you are very familiar with what’s going on in that company. But you can easily do this with an index of a number of companies in a particular category.

For example, you may be keeping close track of what is going on in the utilities sector. Find a suitable index of the companies in that sector, track it, and when you consider a move upwards in price is due then purchase the index option. Or sell it if you think the price is about to go down. This has the advantage that any individual share volatility will be ironed out and you will be thereby protected.

Of all the stock trading tools you may find, this must be one of the best. If you keep yourself well-informed in a few sectors as I’ve explained, something that’s not too difficult to do, then you should be successful far more often than not, and given the risk/reward ratio explained above you should be able to make regular profits with minimal risk.

4 Forex Myths You Need to Avoid at All Cost

4 Forex Myths You Need to Avoid at All Cost

There are many Forex myths all over the internet, and these myths could cause loss and fail for you as a trader, or make you lose money faster. Know these myths and avoid them and you will have done yourself a real deal.

1. I can trade Forex by following others

Don’t follow the emails that come to you saying how could they make you rich in no time and how you could grow your money with them. In Forex, the only one who make you money fast and real is you. You only need to depend and trust yourself so that you can be successful. These people who send you emails and such ads are only getting money from behind your back without you getting any benefits. Learn to Forex trade by yourself and forget others. Find a system that you are comfortable with and consistently follow it. This will be your way to success.

2. Day Trading is your way to make more money

A reasonable thing is that the more you trade, the more profits and money you get. Nice to think, but it is extremely hard to be true The number of people who could really do that is very few and rare and you couldn’t be one of them. And even those could lose their profits once the market fails them.

3. Working Hard = Always Winning

This theory goes in real life but not in Forex Trading, unfortunately. You need to take it easy here and have patience, because Forex Trading has its trends, which come and go as they wish. You don’t need to work hard in order to be successful. In fact, many traders become millionaires by following a right trade system and relaxing, without having to put a lot of efforts. It’s about working right, not hard.

4. A Complicated Forex System Means More Profits

No, that is not true. You don’t have to go complicated in order to be successful and have more profits. If you can get the chance to look at a successful trading system, you will see how simple it is. Simplifying things could make you more successful, not the opposite. A simple system works the best because it can be used anytime and under any situation, and it will allow you to follow the trading system easily and fluently without having to cross many problems in the way.

Avoid these bad myths and then you shall see your profits growing. Be smart in order to be successful!

Forex Rebellion - What it is and What it is Not!

Forex Rebellion – What it is and What it is Not!

With the proliferation of automatic traders in the market; and its widespread success, who would have predicted that a manual Forex trading system would be this well received by the industry! Much has been said and written about this new product. Is there truth to all those claims? Let us find out together what the Forex Rebellion is and what it is not.

The Forex Rebellion consists of unique indicators and money management system. It has been approved and verified by the Surefire Trading Challenge and was also tested numerous times in order to come up with a success rate average of 80%. Profits were reported to be raking 35% to 130% in just four weeks of trading with the system. This system works to help you slowly increase your profit margin.

The set of unique custom indicators mentioned earlier helps by identifying possible trades and sort out the bad trades. The system is simple and works for all traders, from beginners to experts. You can make as many trades as you can because the system works on multiple time frames and currencies.

What it is not is this – it is not a trading robot! There is absolutely nothing to install. It has no capacity to trade automatically either. All decisions have to be made by you. But you need not fret. What you have to do is to set up the indicators and follow the rules.

The system was created by a trader named Russ Horn. Russ was sold out on the idea to find a way to make the forex trading market work for his advantage. This is how Forex Rebellion came about. He manipulated the system to work for him.

More and more traders are taking notice of the impressive income generated by this simple system. The developer of Forex Rebellion will show you everything that you must know about the currency market and how you can capitalize on probable wins.

With this system, you will be able to trade on your own time schedule and at your own pace. So far, all reviews of this product are positive and many people have started investing on Forex Rebellion.

Are you still skeptical after reading this write-up? Do not worry. You need not risk any money if you decide to get one for yourself. This product comes with 60-days trial period. If you are not satisfied, you can return Forex Rebellion and get your money back. Great deal, right?

Different Day Trading Books

Different Day Trading Books

There are many different kinds of day trading books available to buy online and from bookshops.

If you want to improve your day trading skills and improve your knowledge in areas of the industry, then it is highly recommended that you pick a few up.

Please note, that no matter how great a book is, it will never be a magic pill for day trading success.

Sure, there are many books that include great information and tips, but no book can hand you the keys to day trading riches on a silver platter. You have to put the information that you learn into daily consistent action, and commit yourself to lifelong learning.

Also, books are not the only place to get information from. For example, there are many beginner and intermediate day traders who seek help from a mentor, so they can get first hand advice from somebody with years of knowledge and experience.

With that being said, here are a few day trading books to get you started on your journey:

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

This is one of the most popular day trading books currently on the market. In it, there are many different day trading methods covered, as well as some in-depth information on topics such as risk management and position sizing.

Trading to Win: The Psychology of Mastering the Markets

Written by Ari Kiev, this book gives you an over the shoulder look of what makes a day trader successful and the habits and mindset you must develop to get there. Ari is somebody that has many years of experience in the day trading world, so you can be sure that the advice in this day trading book is solid.

The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies

A must have for any aspiring day trader. This book is a great point of reference for all of the different day trading strategies currently employed by millions of traders around the world. It’s a good starting point for beginner day traders who want to get an overview of the day trading world as a whole.

Financial Publications

Day trading books are not the only things that make essential reading, as there are also dozens of different financial publications that are published on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

These publications are an excellent way to get insider tips and general ideas that can form the basis of your own day trading strategies.

Here are a few of the more popular financial publications:

The Wall Street Journal

One of the biggest business newspapers in the world, the Wall Street Journal is published by Dow Jones and Company, and is read daily by more than 2 million people.

They also print an edition of the newspaper in Spanish, which is called The Wall Street Journal Americas, and can be found as a supplement in many of the top Latin American newspapers.

Forbes Magazine

Released every two weeks, Forbes magazine is for anybody and everybody who is involved in business. Each issue contains all of the latest news and stories on companies, markets, trends and investments, and can excellent source for day traders to stay in tune with what is happening in the world of business.

Investors Business Daily

Founded in 1984, Investors Business Daily is an essential read for day traders who want up to the minutes news and views on financial topics.

One of the main benefits of reading this newspaper is it’s in-depth section on information related to the stock market.

Other information can be checked at